The Stockade Association

Special Projects

There are several ongoing projects initiated by The Stockade Association and The City of Schenectady that impact our neighborhood’s infrastructure. These include:

historic brick building and sidewalk


The Association’s Streetscape Project aims to improve the walkability and safety of our shared sidewalks and streets. Focal points include: broken sidewalks, trees, speeding, and parking among other elements of The Stockade’s streetscape.

This plan, which was completed and adopted by the city of Schenectady in 2020, was developed in collaboration with Planning4Places and much community input. The Schenectady Foundation, the Wright Family Fund and the Price Chopper/Golub Foundation are donors who contributed to the plan.

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three people in a canoe in flooded water


The City of Schenectady has been awarded funding to work with the community in determining a preferred approach to mitigate the impact of flooding in the Stockade historic district and assist property owners to preserve their homes.

The project is divided into two phases. Funds for Phase One: Comprehensive Mitigation Analysis in the amount of $1,206,000 have been awarded. Once Phase One is complete, FEMA will consider awarding just over $7,545,000 for construction in Phase Two.

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building with plants our front


The City of Schenectady is working to replace the historic pump house, which was damaged in 2011 by Tropical Storm Irene. The project involves archeology studies, construction designs, and building new sewer connections throughout the neighborhood.

The Stockade Association succeeded in getting the new pump station site relocated so to reduce the impact on the park and the neighborhood. The Association has played an active role in communicating our community’s questions, concerns, and desires for the project and communicating information from the city back to our community.

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Antique wooden door with stone arch around it
brick house wooden door plants
green door on a painted brick house
brick house black door
old wooden double door
Double wooden door with glass top above it on red brick building
white house wooden door
Yellow house white columns black shutters