The Stockade Association

Stockade Snow

Avoid a Ticket and a Tow!
By Suzy Unger

The best strategy is to move your car before the snow flies. If you are planning to be away for an extended period of time, make arrangements with a friend for your car to be moved if there is snow.

If there is a big storm (more than three inches) and an emergency is declared, you can park in the city parking garage on Broadway free of charge.

Union Street is a priority street, meaning all cars must be moved until the snow is removed. After the emergency is lifted, the new alternate side parking rules will remain in effect to facilitate further snow removal.

The city police try their best to notify car owners who have not moved their cars. Even though they run plates and call the numbers on record, sometimes the numbers are outdated and they can’t reach the owner.

In an effort to make it easier for the police and avoid towing your car, Assistant Chief Whipple suggested leaving your current phone number on the dashboard so the police can call you and help you avoid a tow.

The faster we move our cars, the faster the city can clear the streets! Moving your car is inconvenient, but digging it out of a snowbank or paying the fees associated with towing are much more inconvenient.

If you have a driveway or extra space for off street parking, consider sharing with a neighbor. If you’re taking your car to the city parking garage, consider giving a lift to neighbors who can’t walk home from the garage, before leaving your own car.

The churches and the YWCA allow neighbors to park in their lots, but only AFTER their lots have been plowed. NO overnight parking in First Reformed church lots.

The city notifies TV and radio stations when an emergency is declared. I am often notified as well and will send out in- formation and post it on the Stockade Association website and the Stockade Google group as news becomes available. Please talk to your neighbors in case they have not heard the news.

We’ve had some big storms in the last couple of years. Let’s be informed and ready to help our neighbors if another one hits this year.