The Stockade Association

Stockade Snow

Beautiful! Fun! Challenging!

In the Stockade, snow brings beauty and a chance for fun, but parking and driving can be a challenge! Plan ahead to move your car before the snowstorm hits so you are not surprised with a ticket or a tow! We also can help the city plow successfully by moving our cars to available lots before roads become impassable. Planning ahead allows you to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty!

The City plows day and night, so get your car off the street until streets are plowed. If you plan to be away for an extended period of time, move your car or make arrangements with someone to move it in case of a heavy snowfall while you are gone.

Parking in Our Church Parking Lots
After snowfalls that require plowing, neighbors may park only after church lots have been cleared. Please note: cars remaining in the lots will be towed at owner’s expense to accommodate plowing of each lot during the night. Cars will also be towed on Sunday mornings and when space is needed for church events.

Church Lots: The First Reformed Church lot on the corner of Front and Church Streets; St. George’s Church lot on Green St. and the First Presbyterian Church lot on Union St. all allow temporary short term parking.

Snow Emergencies: Listen to the radio, TV, or social media to see if a Snow Emergency is called; park for free at the City Municipal Parking Garage (Broadway). Sign up for announcements at Watch for signs posted on streets to be informed about snow removal.

Union Street neighbors: Union St. is our only priority allow temporary short term parking. If you live on Union St. you must move your car after 3 inches or more of snowfall. You can return your car to Union St. only after the entire length of the street has been cleared of snow back to the curb.

For questions during a snowfall or snow emergency, call the City of Schenectady Snow Emergency Hotline at 518-382-5279 or the Police Department at 518-382-5263. For more detailed information, go to:

To get up-to-date announcements, join our google group by visiting and remind us once more clicking “ask to join,” or by emailing administrator Mary Zawacki directly at: