The Stockade Association

Stockade Spring Clean-Up Day

Message from President Suzanne Unger: Many, many thanks to all the neighbors who came out today to help clean up the Stockade! I know you have many other ways to spend your Saturday morning and I am so grateful you chose to spend it making the Stockade look its best. We had a great turn out and the neighborhood looks spruced up and ready for the warm weather!

A very special thank you is due to Jac Solghan, chair of the Beautification Committee who organized everything. He made it happen. I also want to thank Redburn for their contribution, both in the form of volunteers and delicious Arthur’s cookies.

Enjoy the nice weather and the improved surroundings!

Thank you to our County Legislator Richard Ruzzo for bringing by some tick information kits for our neighbors.



We will be gathering this Saturday at 10 a.m. to fan out throughout the neighborhood to pick up trash, clear debris and generally spruce up the Stockade for summer.

Join us on Saturday, April 30
Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (or sooner!)
Where: Meet at Lawrence Circle
What: Bring gloves, rakes, shovels or any other tools you think might help
Wear reflective gear or bright clothing


By Stockade President Suzanne Unger

I love the Stockade in every season of the year. There is always something beautiful to see along the river and in the neighborhood. But I have to admit it is just a bit less beautiful this time of year. A walk through the Stockade these days is often apt to become an inventory of the trash flying around and gathering in the gutters. The plants and trees aren’t yet budding let alone blooming yet, which makes it hard to ignore all that trash and the dead foliage from last year.

This is why we are looking forward to Stockade Clean Up Day on April 30. Set aside a little time that Saturday morning to clean up in front of your building. We will be providing designated collection spots where the city crews will haul away debris The difference will be amazing! And who knows maybe the street sweeper will make a pass through. Wouldn’t that be great? I hope everyone can spare an hour or two for a little neighborhood spring cleaning. See you on the 30th!