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The Stockade Association
three doors, two black doors and a green one on historic buildings

Historic Stockade Schenectady Walking and Audio Tour

The Stockade Association has a self-guided walking tour of the Historic Stockade neighborhood.

To access Discover the Schenectady Stockade, download the free app.

Once you download, click “All Guides” and it will use GPS to pinpoint the Stockade tour. You can also search for “Discover the Schenectady Stockade.”

Discover tour starts at the corner of N. Church and Front St. , Schenectady. You can download a map here.

You may also want to try How Dutch is New York?, which is also on the app.

Black door brick house
old wooden double door
cream door flags green trim
Antique wooden door with stone arch around it
white house wooden door
Double wooden door with glass top above it on red brick building
brick house black door
brick house wooden door plants